Any migration is forced

Poetry, fiction, and musings by Sara Comito

Texas radio, 1971

The desert does things to you: there was music, and the shadow of a man, and maybe a little madness. Thank you, Michael Dwayne Smith and the wonderful people at Mojave River Review for publishing my poem Texas radio, 1971 in the latest issue. Please have a read. This magazine is BIG and beautiful! I also need to give props to American Poet Jim Morrison. You’ll see what I mean.

The germ suspended

Thank you to Bending Genres for publishing my ekphrastic piece, The germ suspended. This poem grew from a workshop at the Bending Genres Synergia Ranch retreat this spring in beautiful New Mexico. Thank you, Meg Tuite and Robert Vaughan. Such great friends and mentors.

If you enjoy this piece, afterwards you can view the “germ” of inspiration in the painting “Elective Affinities” and read about Rene Magritte’s very different interpretation of his own work.