Putting poetry on the map

by saracomito

Saw Palm journal, published by the University of South Florida, is creating a literary map of the state for its Places to Stand project. So go play tourist, and choose a push pin of a place you’ve been, dreamed about, or hope never to set foot in again. You’ll get the perspective of an essayist or poet and see through their eyes what it’s like to stand on that spot!

I noticed a lack of marked geography inland of Fort Myers, my fair city, and little to no play for the Caloosahatchee River, the much tortured waterway that offers nonetheless buckets of history, mystique, and the makings of tall tales – not to mention some wacky weather.

If you zoom in on the southwest part of the peninsula, locate Fort Myers and click on the pin there to mark the Edison Bridge. You’ll get to “see” the city and river through my eyes, or at least through a poem called “Sky.” Tell me what you think. Worth sending a postcard home?