The Florida is falling! The Florida is falling!

by saracomito

America’s dangling appendage is going to just up and drop off into the water. Maybe we’re dipping our toe into global catastrophe at first, seeing how economically depressed communities in our ill-considered cities deal with it.

Oh, and we’ve got a massive water and air quality issue you may have heard something about. Whatevs.

It’s a beautiful place, and I manage to have a good time of it. It just feels like our country’s wang is trying to shake us off, like after a decent morning pee. And who could blame him? We are parasites, and the whole business should go back to the Calusa. Would that it could – they were a mighty people.

The author inland

Our maritime playground despoiled, I went inland. I wrote a poem that Nixes Mate – out of my dearly missed Massachusetts (and likely much romanticized in my own thinking. Don’t we all have our problems?) – published. Kind thanks to the many-talented Michael McInnis and the team there.