A poetic show of support

I had been looking for a meaningful way to support the efforts of those fighting the good fight, and was excited to find this most poetic opportunity from the Magic City Poetry Festival. I happened to catch sight of this post during a casual Facebook timeline scroll from my friend Alina.

I did some quick research on organizations doing good work in the festival’s home city of Birmingham, Alabama. I sent off a monetary donation. That very evening, I received a beautiful poem from the festival’s executive director, the fantastic poet Ashley M. Jones!

I’d like to share it below. The poem is in conversation with June Jordan’s affirmation poems. If you get in on this support action, you can even suggest a theme for your poem. Doesn’t it feel good to give? To get a personal poem in return, like the credit card ad says: priceless.

I hope you will join the effort, or something else that speaks to you in this moment. Because – say it with me: