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Meg Tuite – Author of Meet my Haze

Bury Me in the Sky is a masterful mosaic of language where “the world slips under the waves” rendering the reader feral in a blazing landscape gripped by Comito’s iridescence and uncompromising brilliance.

Robert Vaughan, author of FUNHOUSE and Editor in Chief of Bending Genres

Nothing less than fascinating. Comito applies a razor-edged sharpness to her poetic prose, balancing memory, lyrically rich details, and potent elements of nature. In Bury Me in the Sky, a woman dives into waters both treacherous and deep. A rare first book filled with rich, sensory delights, this collection captures a unique wistful charm, with evolving poetics that suggest the infinite within each object, gesture, event.

Len Kuntz, author of This is Why I Need You

Comito’s range is expansive, painting emotions and scenes with a stunning ferocity. Bury Me in the Sky is a marvel of language and insights. The imagery alone is enough to steal your breath. Underlaid in each piece are layers of tripwire that make you reexamine what you’re reading so as not to miss out on the full scope of experience Comito renders seemingly effortlessly. She can beguile you with sardonic humor and then take you out at the knees with sharp sprigs of pathos, often in the same piece.